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We are very excited to yet again have space for outdoor ultimate in Brampton.† Our club plays at the Brampton Rugby Fields located adjacent to the Powerade Centre on Kennedy Road.† Games will be Wednesday nights at 7:00 pm starting May 23rd .†† In the past few years we have played a ladder system which has worked out well.† This way you have a chance to move up, or down but play teams within your teams skill set, and makes for exciting games every week.†

Teams will be 7 each side (at least 3 female to 4 male).† Games are to 18.† †The cost for each team is $850 and games will go until August 22. †Round Robin games will end on August 8th with two weeks of playoffs.†

The clubhouse will open at 6:30 and be available for changing.† The bar will be open before and during games.† Please come in after your games to socialize and enjoy a cold beverage after your games.†

While we donít have individual registration, we will do our best to try and find a team for you if you are an individual.

If you would like to register please email us at: