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School Clinics offered by BUC

School Clinics offered by BUC

At Brampton Ultimate Club we pride ourselves on being able to bring Ultimate Frisbee into schools in a cost effective yet fun way. Our clinics can be customized to fit the needs of each class for children from grade 5 upwards. The school supplies the field and the students, and we do the rest! Our experienced instructors will teach students not only the rules of the game but the mechanics involved in throwing and catching the disc properly through specific drills and exercises. We do our utmost to provide no more than a 20-1 student to instructor ratio.

Why Ultimate Frisbee For Students?

Cost Effective: To play a game of Ultimate you need a flat field (soccer is perfect), 10 pylons and a regulation Ultimate disc (approx. $15).

Co-Ed: Ultimate is a co-ed sport where the females are equally as if not more important than the males. A team that does not use its females will generally lose. This helps teach gender equality to students in an unlikely place - the sports field.

Teamwork: Ultimate teaches students the value of teamwork and communication, which are invaluable assets in life.

Mutual Respect: Ultimate has no referees, so students are taught to respect their opponents. They are also taught to be responsible for their actions on the field by learning the concept of self-refereeing and fair play.

For more information or to book a clinic for your school, please contact Jeremy Wilson at 905-302-8584, or by email at:

Reference available upon request.